Traditional booting programs require the motorist to wait hours before having the device removed.  The Barnacle comes equipped with a “Pay and Remove” system, allowing the motorist to call and pay over the phone with a credit card, which allows them to remove the Barnacle themselves, in minutes. Our lightweight, user-friendly design allows the violator to easily remove the device, without having to wrestle with a cumbersome boot or kneel down in traffic. 

Savings Violators Time
Saving Enforcement Personnel's Live

Kneeling down in traffic next to a parked vehicle is dangerous even in the best of circumstances, but is especially risky on a narrow and busy city street.  We designed the Barnacle to be able to be deployed from the safety of the curb side of the vehicle, eliminating the risk of being struck by a passing car.

Saving and Generating the Administration Money

Unlike traditional boots, the unique design of the Barnacle allows it to be stacked, allowing for 10 or more devices to be stored or transported in the same amount of floor space taken up by one boot. Because it attaches to the windshield, it can be towed with the device engaged, eliminating the duplication of effort and resources necessary when the situation escalates to towing.

Saving the Environment for us all

The Barnacle offers efficiency across the entire scope of parking enforcement, from deployment to retrieval.  This results in:

  • Less carbon emissions from tow trucks and   deployment vehicles

  • Smaller, electric deployment vehicles

  • Less maintenance needed

  • Less storage space necessary, freeing up critical space in cities