October 17, 2017

Speed camera At NLEX FYI!!! 

Slow down na mga pare! Speed Cameras are deployed in NLEX, the one you see in USA, European and Middle East countries, capable to catch 4 speeding vehicle with a speed of almost 300kph at the same time. Or better yet SMILE for your photo hehehe. Be safe and drive within speed limit!!see more..


April 11, 2019

‘Overspeeding’ drops by 50% after speed cams installed along NLEX, SCTEX

MANILA, Philippines — Incidents of “overspeeding” along the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) have significantly gone down by 50 percent after speed cameras were installed along these expressways.see more..


June 30, 2019

New speed cameras along Skyway and NAIAX, management warns

Do you have a penchant for using expressways as an avenue to push your vehicle to its limit? If so, you might want to put this practice behind you, because the management team behind Skyway and NAIA Expressway (NAIAX) has announced it has set up new cameras to keep speeding motorists in check.see more..


July 1, 2019

Skyway and NAIAX Now Have Automated Speed Cameras Installed

Heads up for people regularly using the elevated portions of Skyway and NAIAX: high-tech speed cameras are now in place.

SMC Tollways, the operator of Skyway and NAIAX has confirmed that aside from handheld speed cameras, automated fixed-location speed cameras have now been installed.
see more..


January 15, 2020

NAIAX Closely Monitors the Speed Limit With Speed Detectors

Speed monitoring device and led panels indicating passing vehicle speed kph installed along #NaiaX Eastbound. When you are over 60 kph speed limit numbers turn red while when you are within the limit its green. I wonder about the accuracy...see more..