Networking Equipment

Computer hardware devices used to establish, maintain, and terminate communications network sessions between a data source and its destination.

  • LAN

  • WAN

Telephony Equipment

Automatic telephone switching system for private enterprises. IP PABX is a hosted VoIP service provider which enables you to have Virtual IP PABX Systems on the cloud without maintaining your own in house system.

  • PABX


  • WiFi Phones

Data & Cable Management

Proper manage of data and power cabling within an IT enclosure will deliver a number of benefits that will enhance your system availability and improve your bottom line. Data centers contain two basic types of equipment enclosure server cabinets and network cabinets.

  • Open Bay Rack

  • Security and BMS Consoles

  • Distribution Racks & Swing Racks

  • Wall Mount hinged bracket

  • Metal Cable Management

Structured Cabling Cables and Components

A structured cabling system is the wiring network that carries all your data, voice, multimedia, security, VoIP, PoE, and even wireless connections throughout your building or campus. Used for transmitting electronic information from a source to a destination

  • FSF Cables

  • UTP Cables

  • ALPETH Cables

  • Auxillary wires and Cables

  • Disconnection Module

  • Wiring Blocks

  • RJ 45

  • Modular Box

  • Information Outlet

  • Patch Panel

  • Patch Cord

Fiber Optic Cables

Technology associated with the transmission of information as light impulses along a glass or plastic wire or fiber. Fiber optic wire carries much more information than a conventional copper wire and is far less subjected to electromagnetic interferences

  • G652d

  • G655d

  • Composite Fiber

  • LC Connector