KNPA-7 IP Telephone Intercom Systems Description

IP Telephone Intercom Systems Description

 WIFI Intercom Systems Description

KNTECH Wifi Intercom Systems BASIS SIP intercom and broadcast system is a new generation of voice

broadcasting system, which is based on internationally accepted standards IP and SIP communication

protocol and developed on the basis of Kntech matured carrier-grade VOIP product.


This system has following advantages: First, it solves problems such as distance restriction, susceptible

to interference,large investment in equipment and higher maintenance costs in conventional analog

broadcast system transmission; Second, it also solves problems such as nonstandard broadcast protocol,

weak intelligence, poor service application,difficult to connect with telephone network etc in traditional IP

digital broadcast intercom system. Third, it really realize integration of computer network,digital video

surveillance and interior communication.


Simply connect system terminal to LAN or international internet, without re-wiring, and you can quickly

build IP emergency and public broadcasting system.

The Most Striking Features

     It is cost-effective with short construction period, easy expansion, and low maintenance costs.

Meanwhile, the system can also add interfaces of system software&hardware based on customer’s

requirements, linking with fire alarms, access control systems and video surveillance systems.



     It can be widely used in subway, highways, power plants, gas stations, mines, schools, hospitals, banks,

prisons, urban,key monitoring targets and military administrative zones and many other industries and


System Features

Advantage of KNTECH WifiSIP intercom system


System Composition

Koontech SIP intercom and broadcast system,consist of SIP broadcast intercom terminal,SIP

broadcast server,IP broadcast control software,center operation console and VOIP phone.


2.2 Highway Toll Station

   Installing one IP server in each toll station, the worker could contact with general station directly through this intercom if any emergency. Our intercom supports one-touching calling and ask help soon.


   SIP broadcast intercom terminal: provide one emergency button intercom,emergency broadcast



   SIP broadcast server: provide connection service to intercom terminal and responsible for

automatic calling distributive management;integrate with traditional telephone system and

administration office phone system by voice frame relay.


   SIP broadcast server: provide connection service to intercom terminal and responsible for

automatic calling distributive management;integrate with traditional telephone system and

administration office phone system by voice frame relay.


   IP broadcast control software: centralized manage network terminal

status,intercom,monitor,broadcast,surveillance and access control.


   Centre operation console: with high fidelity voice,a key broadcast and real time monitoring status of

broadcast terminal equipment.


Various intercom,broadcast technology comparison

•Traditional IP digital intercom broadcast compare with SIP intercom broadcast:



①Protocol compatibility: support SIP 2.0(RFC3261) and relevant RFC protocol,telecom operators IMS

criterion;besides,it is also compatible with peer-to-peer communication protocol;

②Conversation landed:it can be realize voice landed through IPPBX or IMS platform(talk with PSTN fixed

telephone,GSM telephone,CDMA mobile phone etc);

③ HD voice quality: meet telco grade electroacoustic standard requirement(TIA-EIA-920、TIA-EIA-810A);

④multi party call: support three-way calling or multi party calling;support meeting.

SIP Intercom and Broadcast System Features

      High quality services: Transmission using all-digital way, could stay insulated from transmission

distance, but also from the environment, users can enjoy carrier-grade voice services;


      Multi-system interoperability: Customer emergency calls, customer service phone calls and

administrative office calls are seamlessly connected;


      Service scalability: Support for conference calls, call forwarding, voice mail, three-way calling and

other functions;


      Full time recording: System equipment comes with call recording function, eliminating the need

for expensive call recording equipment;


       monitoring linkage: The system equipment has preset linkage interface with access control,

alarm, video surveillance and other systems;


      Easy to adjustment and maintenance: Provide software automatic updates,support for TR-069

and provide remote web maintenance;

SIP intercom and broadcast system application


Factory(steel plant,power plant,cement plant etc)

Edifice(elevator application)




Station(station hall,metro,highway,tunnel,dock)


Scenic spots(country park,reservoir)

Factory(steel plant、power plant、cement plant etc)


Building application





SIP broadcast server



  Carrier-grade Quality: carrier-grade embedded IP intercom and broadcast server system, stable and reliable;

  Seamless joint: joint with multiple intercom terminal and telephone systems , collaborative work;

  Variety of options: single support IP intercom terminals ranging from 50 to 200 concurrent communications, saving invest;

  Seamless expansion: multiple servers can be seamlessly stack, expansion convenient;

  Multi-duty seat: support call centers basic business; service centers can set up more seats on duty;

  Paging freely: dispatch center can direct dial paging any intercom terminal, or monitor live sound of any terminals;

  Remote control: through graphical interface, dispatch center personnel can remote control any self-service banking access control and video
  surveillance systems;


  Automatic recording: All calls automatically recorded and no need to purchase expensive recording equipment;

  Message Listen: voice message, a message can be hear on the phone,but also listen to the specified mailbox and centralized management;