Traffic Data and Detection System (ADEC)

ADEC Technologies AG is one of Switzerland's leading manufacturers on innovative traffic and parking detectors. Installers and integrators worldwide turn to ADEC when looking for reliable and proven technology for the and parking management solutions.


Traffic Management to get the highest capacity from existing roads, operators turn increasingly to traffic management systems to help them maximize capacity and manage the traffic flow. Dependable traffic management systems rely on accurate traffic data. ADEC delivers proven, lasting detector technology upon which operators worldwide have come to rely on.

Parking Management at the same time, a revolution is unfolding pushed by new technologies that allow battery-operated devices to unload their data into the Internet-of-Things (IoT), enabling a range of new applications. ADECs innovative quad-technology parking occupancy detector is the future-proof way to take advantage of this development: the POD is a LoRa-ready, hockey-puck size device with 7-years guaranteed battery life for reliable vehicle detection on any parking space.

Traffic Counting infrastructure projects are expensive yet planning often relies on outdated or inaccurate traffic models. With the ADEC traffic counter and classifier (ATCC) solution, traffic data is collected and automatically transmitted to a secure server where they are available to any third-party device with Internet connection through http web-interfaces.